Gafurzoda Abdukhalil Davlatali,

From January 22, 2019 appointed as Rector of the Institute of Public Administration under the President of Republic of Tajikistan.

Doctor of Law, Professor  

Date of birth: 09/06/1977
Place of birth: Farkhor District, Khatlon Region
Nationality: Tajik
Education: Higher, (with honors ), Tajik National University  
Academic tile: Professor
Academic degree: Doctor of law
Specialty : Lawyer
Language fluency: Russian, English
Is a people`s deputy:

Party membership:


People`s Democratic Party of Tajikistan from 19.06.2007.

State awards: Reward of Ismoili Somoni in field of science and technology for young scientists in 2007. Excellence in education and science of Republic of  Tajikistan. The owner of the medals for 90th anniversary  of Judiciary and Justice, and   Khizmati Shoista
Foreign trips: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, Malaysia and so on. (participation in conferences)
He is the author of 11 educational books, more than 100 scientific articles, curriculum, interpretation of laws and 5 monographs. Specialist in financial law, business, industry and bank.


1993-1998 A law student at TNU. With honors.
1998-2000 Assistant law entrepreneurship and commerce at the Faculty of Law in TNU.
2000-2003 Aspirant  at the Faculty of Law in TNU.
2003-2007 Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of Law on Entrepreneurship and Commerce at the Law Faculty of TNU.
2007-2009 Deputy Dean of Law Faculty in the TNU.
2009-2012 Doctoral Student of Law Faculty in TNU.
2012-2015 Manager of the Department of Transport rights and the rights on the usage of Natural Resources of the Law Faculty in TNU.
2015-2019 Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies of Teachers of Higher Educational Institutions of TNU.
From 22.01.2019

at the present time

Rector of the Institute of Public Administration under the President of Republic of Tajikistan. Doctor of Law, Professor